1. Care and Feeding

Special care and nutritional conditions, and special postoperative care conditions after the surgical procedures are provided by the centerís experienced staff.

2. Surgical Services

There are 3 operating rooms in the center for surgical procedures to be performed on laboratory animals. The centerís operating room has a gas anesthesia device (Sevorane) and cautery for laboratory animals. Technical assistance is available for the use of tools. You can also get consultancy services from the centerís veterinarian for the planned surgical procedures.

After the surgical procedure, animals are kept in postoperative and intensive care rooms.

You can contact the centerís veterinarian for detailed information.

3. Laboratory services

General health evaluations are performed in laboratory animals in the center or taken to quarantine rooms after being obtained from different sources.

4. Laboratory Animals

    • Sprague Dawley Rat
    • Wistar Albino Rat
    • CD1 Mouse
    • Swiss Albino Mouse
    • Zebrafish AB
    • Zebrafish TUpFL