The Aim of the Center

The aim of the center is; to ensure the production, care and use of laboratory animals required for scientific research, application and training activities in international standards. In addition, the center aims to provide infrastructure and technical support in related fields to bring implementation, training and consultancy services.

For this purpose, the center carries out the following activities;

  • To ensure that breeding, care and hosting of laboratory animals are in accordance with the current legislation and international standards,
  • To ensure that researchers conduct the laboratory animals use processes in accordance with universal ethical principles,
  • To develop training, research and application projects related to the activity areas of the center, to support the studies carried out, to cooperate with national and international institutions and organizations,
  • To establish application laboratories for the use of laboratory animals in education and research,
  • To organize courses, seminars and conferences related to the activities of the center; To prepare and/or publish books, brochures, journals, articles and similar scientific documents on the subject,
  • To open units connected to the center for the healthy breeding of laboratory animals in hygienic environments,
  • To carry out scientific research and development studies for the production of animal species needed in education, research and application activities, and to obtain animal species and their descendants from domestic/foreign legal producers,
  • To establish an archive for the species and lineage of laboratory animals owned by the center,
  • To carry out other activities approved by the Board of Directors for the purposes of the center.